Replacement for Dell R9XM9 battery - 62Wh,4 cells

Brand new and high quality replacement Dell R9XM9 battery is built with the highest quality standards, safety features.
Condition :
Replacement,Brand New
Type :
Color :
Volt :
Cells :
4 cells
Capacity :
Size :
Warranty : Full 1 Year, 30-days money back
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Note : 74V and 7.6V are compatible, they are in common use.

Having an extra 62Wh replacement Dell R9XM9 battery can help you work around the house without trailing wires, and let you take your Dell R9XM9 laptop anywhere(travelling, away from home/office etc.) or play games/watch movies in a long trip. We're totally confident that you can get the super high quality replacement Dell R9XM9 laptop battery in our online shop at the best price, and make sure you will completely satisfied with it. It's an excellent choice for you to buy an additional 4 cells battery for your Dell R9XM9 laptop from us.

This replacement Dell R9XM9 battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery. It is made with Grade-A battery cells from Panasonic and fits Dell R9XM9 laptop perfectly. All our replacement Dell R9XM9 batteries have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 etc.), guaranteed all batteries for Dell R9XM9 are high performance, long-life and safety, 100% OEM compatible with the original specification, no memory effect. Normally this 4 cells Dell R9XM9 battery can be charged/discharged 600-850 cycles and can lasted 3.5-5 hours or longer( depending on different operation system, screen brightness and Wireless/Bluetooth devices etc.).

Thanks for buying replacement Dell R9XM9 battery at, before delivery we will check the battery's quality in order to make sure it works great and has no problem. And if you are satisfied with this Dell R9XM9 battery please recommend it to anyone who is searching for a replacement.

Battery for Dell R9XM9 laptopBattery for Dell R9XM9 laptopBattery for Dell R9XM9 laptopBattery for Dell R9XM9 laptop

Compatible Part Numbers

  • 079VRK
  • 0WYJC2
  • 451-BBLN
  • 6MT4T
  • 79VRK
  • 8V5GX
  • F5WW5
  • G5M10
  • HK60W
  • R0TMP
  • R9XM9
  • WYJC2

Fit Models

  • Latitude E5270
  • Latitude E5450
  • Latitude E5470
  • Latitude E5550
  • Latitude E5570

Some tips for brand new replacement Dell R9XM9 battery

  1. Please read the instructions carefully before using the brand new replacement Dell R9XM9 battery.
  2. Don't let your Dell R9XM9 laptop or battery come in contact with liquid. Liquid can get into the laptop's and battery's circuits, leading to corrosion.
  3. Don't allow the replacement Dell R9XM9 battery to touch metal objects. If metal objects, such as jewelry, stay in prolonged contact with the battery contact points, the Dell R9XM9 battery could become very hot.
  4. Don't disassemble, crush, puncture, shred, or otherwise attempt to change the form of the replacement Dell R9XM9 battery.
  5. Do avoid dropping the Dell R9XM9 battery or laptop. Dropping these items, especially on a hard surface, can potentially cause damage.
  6. If the replacement Dell R9XM9 battery can not work fine, please check twice to confirm that the battery is defective or not, and contact our customer service representative ASAP, let us know the Detailed Problem, we will do our best to serve you.
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